2002 400 sx ac pump adjustment help

Hi i was wondering if anyone can tell me the procedure to adjust the ac pump squirt duration on the old style fcr cards it has the linkage you have pinch together also will the oring trick work on this as well 02 400 sx thanks

since that thread i have done the "eddie" mod. simply cut the diaphram stopper completely off ( i even grinded a bit of the rivet) and safety wire the AP arm to the throttle arm so they move together at all times without any separation. you will need to expand the fork a little to close a small gap that will be between them. this will give you awesome off idle power. search "eddie mod" for tons of info

Thanks euery one all your info helps a lot

I pinched the "forks" closer by 2mm, cleaned the carb, and started running Startron in my gas and did away with my bog issues totally. Startron combats the negative effects of ethanol. Pinching the "fork" on the AP link shortened the duration of my AP squirt. Easy stuff and my 01 runs like a champ now

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