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Uncorking a 06 WR250F-Advice

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I just purchased a WR250F after years of riding a 90's YZ250. Read all about

uncorking it, but not sure what applies to what years. Seems alot of the info and articles refers to the earlier years of the WR250F's. The owner before me did these mods:GYT-R air cleaner(looks like the K and M),GYT-R AIS removal kit, GYT-R Exhaust insert, Boysen Quick Shot, re-jetting. Nothing done w/ the airbox, grey wire, or exhaust(other than the larger diameter insert. Can't tell if this is all I should deal with on this bike as I have nothing to compare it's power too. Need advice on deciding to go with the further free/or$$ mods.

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I just did the Pro billet moto insert, throttle stop and grey wire mod on mine and it makes quite a difference. At first I took the insert on the stock exhaust completely off but it was too loud and it bogged too much down low. I still need to jet it and get it more dailed in. If anything else, do the throttle stop and you'll be happy with it.

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The free mods will make all the difference in the world. Big items to do:

AIS removal (GYTR kit or TT kit, GYTR needle or JD needle <- better)

ACV mod

o-ring mod (<-- pretty much always have to do this on a FCR carb even with a early version quickshot; not sure if the latest version quickshot works as it should)

Remove the airbox snorkels and snorkel retainer plate.

blue-wire mod

grey-wire mod (<-- definitely do this!)

Remove the pipe stinger insert (but you already have a larger insert so that's done)

Route the breather hose to the airbox (some do, some don't for various reasons).

Route the carb vents to the airbox (some do, some don't. Good to do if you do a lot of water crossings).

You can do things like YZ cams later. I forgot if you can "time" the WR exhaust cam on an '06 to YZ timing instead of replacing the cam (which for certain you'd have to do for '07+)

Also, use a quality synthetic oil. These small-volume crankase bikes really need the higher shear-strength oils; they tear up dino oil pretty quickly. As an alternative, many folks like Rotella and just change it a lot. Plenty of threads on this.

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definetly remove the snorkels and open up the airbox (just cut the marked out holes beneath RH side panel). the engine breathes far better.

fit a #40 leak jet (if not already done)

then play with your needle and main jet to get the bike running as you want

good luck

well worth the effort

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I just purshaced a 07 wr250f NEW from dealer, The thing really hauls ass!!! All free mods done at dealer,excellent woods bike, BIG but does not wear you down, no arm pump loves to be riden agressevly does pretty much everything good!

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