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where to get a good 100 cam

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Im looking for a good aftermarket cam for the crf100 ive read threw a few old posts and it appears my bbr is simular to stock i see web tak and kitaco have some but can't find any good prices. ebay has some hot cams for 100.00 bucks is it a good deal? are the taks and kitco for their heads? i have a stock head this is the last part for my project thanks


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Unfortunetly, you will be paying MSRP for the Web and MegaCycle cams.

Kitaco SE cam

258 lift

250 duration @.04

Takegawa Stage 1

256 lift

235/234 duration @.04

Either of these cams will be a special order-CHP has been good to me -so far. I hear Mitz is the man tho! (search Fireman_343 stage 3 kit for info).

A few members have/are runing the Stage 1 with the stock head.

Give me a few days- I'll mock up the Kitaco SE cam in the stock head.

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ive had no luck finding a great deal, i did find a hotcam for a 100 so i bought one but im still looking for one more a little more agresive.

i did look at 343's contact web site there is a cam there but no spec's and i didnt really have the time to figure out the yen/dollar thing

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I use www.xe.com for my converter.. Up to date and easy to use.

If you want an aggressive cam, WebCam has a huge cam, that from what I understand is sweet, but requires modifications to the cam tower for it to work (has LARGE lift)

I think the tak stage 1 cam might be similar to a webcam 69 grind cam?? But, not too sure on the numbers??

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