Do dirtbikes have titles?

Applying for a loan on a bike and one pre req is the bank holds onto the title.

So, do dirtbikes have titles?


i picked up a yz 250 couple weeks ago, just got my title in the mail yesterday:thumbsup:

so to answer your Q yes.

Yeah they do, Both my yz 125s have titles, but the previous owner lost the one for my 250sx

In most states you get a MSO from the dealer, which I believe is not transferable.

If you pay taxes on the bike to your state, they give you a title, which is transferable.

Most people I know never end up getting a title. Which ends up making a lot of people nervous their bike is stolen. Both my dirt bikes I bought brand new I just have a MSO for :thumbsup:

depends on your state. Heck, Ga doesnt even issue a title for my enclosed trailer!!!!

Yeah in CA we have titles for anything with a motor and a seat.

If you pay taxes on the bike to your state, they give you a title, which is transferable...

I'm not sure this is true in MA; I registered it as an ORV and they only give you a small registration card with a plate...

When you buy nearly any motor vehicle, it comes with a mso (car, plane, boat, bike). You take the mso to the DMV. They give you a title. The mso is usually from the state of manufacture or import port. Many never convert the mso to a title to avoid/skip out on paying sales tax. Also, many states do not require any sort of regestration so some owners are simply lax. However.... if the bike is ever stolen or you get it "from a guy..." without the title or orginal mso, you may not really own it.

When I buy a bike, I get a title, pay the tax, have proof of absolute ownership. When I sell the bike, I drive the new owner to DMV to get a title in their name. They crash, the crash did not occur on my machine.

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