anyone running shinko 700's or 705's on xl?

I'm gonna replace my tw 52 rear with a more street-type tire. The stuff I'm seeing about the shinko 700's and 705's on other bikes makes me think they are worth a shot.

I'm looking for speed / load ratings on the 700's... but in the mean time.. just wondering if anyone here has mounted the 4.6x18tt or 5.1x18tl tires on their xl. Or, the 130/80-18 705.

Fit issues?

case anyone wants to know... helpful folks at Western Power sports showed me the English version of the Korean Shinko site... all the specs are there

I have the 705's on my XR650L with about 600 miles on them. I like them so far and they are wearing well. I use my 650L as a commuter and they work great. I have no idea how they are off road. (That's what my KX250 is for!)

I bought the 120 and it looks tiny. I will definately go bigger next time. 130 will fit easily.

I got both front and rear for $96.00 shipped from BikeBandit.

I'm on my second E705 rear tire, 120/80 x 18, and I'm very satisfied with them. They are definitely street oriented. I liken them to IRC GP110s which was my previous tire of choice, but half the cost. For dry fire roads or jeep trails they should work satisfactory, when new, as did the GP110s. The first one lasted 8000 miles, which is most excellent for my style of moderate but spirited riding (95% street).

Note, the E705 is not available in any other suitable size than the 120/80 for the stock 18" rear wheel of the L.

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