RM 250 having a hard time shifting between gears

I've noticed lately my bike has difficulty shifting between gears. when going from 5th to 2nd gear really quickly, the bike tends to only shift down to third, then i have to really play to get the bike into second.

Once the bike was stuck in 1st gear and wouldn't shift. I had to stop the bike, pull in the clutch and rock the bike back and forth while pulling up on the lever to get it to hop into neutral. Then I was able to shift between the gears again.

I wasn't sure if this is a common occurance with a 2005 rm250, but if this happens while racing, its sure going to mess with my lap times.

bent shift fork, bent shift shaft, bad shift drum or shift drum bearing.... Did it start around the same time as your shuddering?

Thanks for the response,

the shuddering has occured since i bought the bike 6 months ago. The difficult shifting just started happenening this week.

Could it have anything to do with the type of oil or oil level?

the symptom of "stuck in gear" sounds like broken clutch plate to me

the symptom of "stuck in gear" sounds like broken clutch plate to me

Could you explain this to me?

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