lol is this really worth it?

hey everyone i am going to be buying the red bike in the pic but buddy wants 300 for it do you think its worth 300? its an autoclutch and aperantly an 08? thanks. also anyone know the brand?


i wouldn't pay $300 for that....

but that's just me.

If it runs, then I'd STILL say buyer beware. I say that because I got burned by one of those knock-off Chinese junk piles (quad, for my 8 yr old) and the things are made of cheese. Just saying.......I'd pay more for a used Yammie TTR50 or something similar.

asking 300 for that....i have to admire the stones on your buddy.

you can always ask! :thumbsup:

I would rather buy a nice helmet or pair of boots than spend $300 on that!

beware young grasshopper of our chinese piles of crap.... they are sold in walmarts and sporting goods stores in america to make small ammounts of american dollhairsss but bewareeee if this bike decided to fall of the stand and break trying to fix them is pretty much freakin impossible since i dont think i have ever seen aftermarkets for whatever bike that was alder or something?

no no no

nope i wouldnt buy any cheap chineese bike, EVER!

nope i wouldnt buy any cheap chineese bike, EVER!

yeah...thats rite...i would rather have a chia pet than that:smirk:

yesh take your freehundred dollhairs elsware

Ugh. Run away and don't look back.

yesh take your freehundred dollhairs elsware

even this guy is telling you!! haha:bonk:

do not do it! just buy a brand name mini bike, i learnt my lesson a couple years back.

once again, do not do it

You can find an old, clapped out XR75 that will run better and last longer than that thing for $300.

Don't do it!

$75 maybe

im in the middle of selling my wasp for $150.... the OEM cylinder costs more then $150.....

I call shenanigans!! Absolutely do not spend 300 dollhairs on that Chinese food made from dog/cat. A pack of Twinkies at fat camp would last longer than that bike.

no i made that mistake. When the tire pops while no one is touching it...poor quality.

we were just sitting around the fire and i heard pssssttttttt and looked and my rear tire was flat.

not all asian brands are crated equal! :-)

Add one more to the list of....DON'T DO IT!!!!

Chinese only make good 2 strokes.....

wait.... mitsu makes pocket bike motors....:thumbsup::banana:

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