zongshen sierra 200

ok here's the deal. i'm new and i have 1500 at my disposal for a toy of my choice and i've been considering a dual sport for a while just to get back and for to work through the week and spend some time on the trails on the weekends. i've been searching for a japanese dual and just cant find one in my price range that runs. so i considered the option of a chinese bike. i'm now hooked on a 2008 zongshen sierra 200cc dual sport. i test drove it and there didnt seem to be any issues. any owners? any issues with any components?

get a older xr250l or any other xr DS'ed:ride:

If you buy a Chinese bike just go through the bike and remove all of the bolts and put lock tight on them or better yet upgrade them to stronger bolts. I have a couple wheelers from china and they are constantly getting retightened and replaced bolts. Carry wrench kit and extra chain links. You will save money but will pay in maintenance. I have no issues with the engine except the top of the carbs are always backing off so retighten them often as well.

I helped put a couple of these together,I would never buy one.There are no torque specs for anything and the bolts are cheap and sometimes missing,carb and brakes wont last,they use very cheap metal for the brakes.Poor welds are everywhere and it wont be wroth anything after a year.Save yourself a couple hunded more and get a CRF230 or an older XR.Ask slik nick why he sold his chinese bike so fast and bought a KDX,he loved his bike also at first.

There is only one thing wrong with China bikes. They are China bikes and try to find parts for them when they break!! There may be dealers out there for China bikes because they are cheap but find a dealer that stocks parts for them, nil to none. If they do not have the parts, sure they can get them but expect a waiting period and shipping charges tacked onto the parts price. They are cheap imitations for Japanese bikes with no quality. Just my 2c's worth.

Do not buy a Chinese motorcycle! You will regret it as soon as anything goes wrong.

I break, and were stuff out on my bikes all the time, if they were china bikes, they would have been done a long time ago.....

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