Trail tech vapor instalation observations

So I just bought a new trail tech computer for my XR650R and found a couple of the sensors to be somewhat disconcerting in design.

The speedometer has a rather nice bolt with a magnet built into it that replaces one of the brake disk bolts but the sensor is this plastic sensor that you need to drill a hole into the brake calliper to mount. The part that sort of disturbs me (besides needing to drill into my brake calliper) is that they use a self tapping screw for mounting to a metal piece. Whenever I have mounted to a metal piece in the past I have drilled and tapped a hole which seems to be a much nicer solution than this and is a nice substitutable for a $5 tap.

The other sensor that concerns me is the temperature sensor that is a machined cylinder with a thermistor in a housing that protrudes into the coolant flow. My main concern about this is that it could impede the flow of coolant through the radiator, however I do not know much about the tolerances of the cooling system. The bike did overheat before it was uncorked but I don't know how much cooler it runs now or if something like this could push it over the edge again and make it overheat.

So I am interested to hear what other people think about these two issues, are they really a problem?

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Never had a problem with mine

Never had a problem with mine

+1, had mine for a while, never any issues here

So I decided to go ahead and try to mount it, but the pickup for the spedometer does not fit on my caliper in a location anywhere close to the magnetic bolt. Has anyone with an XR650R run into and solved this issue?

It does fit with the stock caliper,but the magnet will,and should pass at the tip of the pic-up sensor.It if passes in the middle of the sensor it could double your real speed.

That was the words from Trail tech when i installed mine,,before my unit died,,again..

...before my unit died,,again..

Yah, they'll do that.

No issues with the sensors. I put the speedo pickup on the caliper mounting bracket.

just did a search about the trail tech vapor comp. and read that they die... what is that all about? warranty? any fix?

Mines only been one for about 3 months, and while it hasn't died completely, it has "reset" and shut off a couple times. I love the idea, but I'm not too sure on the quality.

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