anybody have a WER damper on a steel frame 125?

there not picking up the phone over there and was wondering if this is a bolt on damper?

i have tag triple clamps with rubber mounted bars so id rather not mess with the other branded dampers.



Yes , we run the WER dirttrack specific unit on our 03 yz125. The frame piece is bolt on .

Funtional , durable unit .

sweet, thanks

shiney side


silver frame mount bracket thing can be seen


Is that a 2010 fender?

Nope , its a supermoto kinda fender . Smallish , with vents in the back. We only race dirttrack , so we can go fender or not. my son picked out this one from UFO , a sponser.

aww man, i really want to put the 2010 front fender on my 426 lol

My wer was mounted via rivets. I picked it up used and had to call them up to see and they stated to rivet the plate onto the steering stem.

Yes , they are big big azz pop rivets. Plus i find a place for , and drill an addl bolt.

Very secure.

Our yz125 bracket fit very well . The yz85 bracket , i had to massage alittle.

i guess taking out the drill will be worth it. thanks for the pics

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