Clutch lever - resistance issues

I have an 05' with the Magura hyd. clutch.

Before a recent ride, I back-bled the clutch and it felt went firm about 3/4" before hitting the handle bar. Then, after riding for while, the lever would provide no resistance, luckily the bike has a Rekluse so it was not a huge deal. After 30 minutes, the clutch lever would provide firm resistance, but about 1"-1.5" from the handle bars. Anouther 30 minutes, it would go soft again. It was very strange. So, in short the lever had various levels of firmness throughout the ride - from no resistance to great resistance.

Any thoughts?

I am not that familiar with the Rekluse, but I am just wondering, could it be that the Rekluse was in various stages of disengaging when you pulled the lever at different time do to slight RPM changes at idle causing this.

Was it disengaging all the time when you pulled the lever regardless of the position?

Was this just at idle and starts or also when at higher RPM?

Rekluse will have no lever resistance until the revs come up. I think the adjustment for the lever is done at around 4K RPM as I recall.

So between 4k and idle it will have various resistance or pull distance?

So between 4k and idle it will have various resistance or pull distance?

That's right but it's less dramatic as RPM increases above idle....if that makes any sense. I think it feels like full engagement well under 4K but that's where about the cable slack is adjusted. I'm going off memory here so bear with me.:lol::thumbsup:

Rekluse is the issue, I had one too. It has various feels at the lever, usually real soft at low rpms and firm at higher rpms.

cool thanks guys!!

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