how good is the fox shock?

I use my 150f for MX.. I am past the usage of a revalved stock shock and need to go with an aftermarket shock. According to fox, there shock is good for a 170 rider but is this for trail riding or mx? Any of you guys out there have a fox and MX it? how much do you way and are you using the stock spring?

I am not talking about some little 10 ft jumps but 40 to 50 some bigger. I found a place to custom wind me a spring for what I think it needs but need to know how they rate first.

please help asap


I'd email or call Fox and ask them if it's for up to 170lb trail or mx rider. I called them a few weeks ago to find out about getting the shock set up for my weight (200lbs) and they could not do it. I was kind of disappointed but I ended up getting the Works shock and I'm very happy with it.

i found a place to get the spring i need.. i weigh 180. After talking to Odi at feal, he suggested the fox over the work cause he can do more with it if i don't like it


Whatever you do run, you'll have to report back and share what you find.

I've been thinking about getting the Fox for my 150 as well. From what I've seen though-- they do NOT increase the ride height at all. Would the Fox shock, and the 230 dog bone link raise it more than an inch? I'm planning on a 230 front end as well. --L*64

i am just gonna use it with the BBR rear link..

I was thinking about asking if they can use a 150R clevice, then have it cut down some so the OAL of the shock will be 15.4 inches eye to eye. --L*64

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