DR 650 bar mounts

I did a search but could not find exactly what I was looking for.

I have pro taper 7/8 bars but stock bar mounts. I think it is time to upgrade the mounts after I crashed recently. The mounts seem not that great.

So I don't want risers, but just mounts that are close to stock, but stronger.

Certain places say universal mount, but that is just not true.

Has anyone put mounts on for their DR 650 (with Protaper bars) that just go right into the stock triple?


let me rephrase the question. Is it a bad idea to have protaper bars and stock mounts?

Are the stock mounts strong enough to hold the bars in place sufficently for really rough riding?

There won't be much upgrade going from one 7/8 rubber mount to another. I don't know that ProTaper even makes a 7/8 rubber mount.... they do make a 1-1/8 rubber mount. You might just replace the bolts and rubber in the stock mounts. I tried the 7/8 Pro Taper bars on both of the DR650's in my garage (Mine and the wife's) The vibration was much worse through the grips than on the stock steel bars... I don't know if it had to do with the bark busters or what but I was expecting reduced vibration and got just the opposite. :thumbsup:

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