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Kick Starter 05 YZ250F

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Any help would be appreciated. I just rebuilt my first motor form the ground up, got it to fire for the first time last evening. Problem is that the kick starter does not want to revcoil on its own, as well the starter shaft acts like it wants to turn in the counter clockwise rotation making a grinding sound. I am wondering if I was supposed to wind the spring before setting in the hole that holds it in place. I am realizing that I need to take the side case off and take a look to see if I can figure out what the heck the problem is.

Any advise would be very appreciated....



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yes, the spring needs to be wound with tension so the lever is returned to its upright position otherwise there is nothing to pull it back into place other than your hand.....not to mention the lever is rubbing on the dogs of the starter shaft because it is being pushed in a bit like you were trying to start it....

put the bike on its side, remove the brake and kick lever, remove cover, wind spring and place tang in hole, reinstall cover (which holds the spring in place) replace brake lever and kick lever and ride...

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