Look Out Mtn...aka like a virgin on prom night

I went down.

I decided to take a sunday ride up Lookout Mountain rd on Sunday and all was well till one of the cyclists coming down the inside lane went wide on the last big 130deg left hander before you get to the top and I had to take it to the shoulder to avoid a head on. Unfortunately for me the shoulder is a foot of sand followed by a 1.5ft deep ditch followed by a rock wall. I was able to keep it out of the ditch until just before the exit at which point I slid in and hit the rock wall. For a split second I thought I was going to be able to keep it upright and just stop in the ditch. That was followed closely by the realization that I had just been highsided into the air after the rebound from the rockwall sent the bike into the side of the ditch. I landed on my hands and knees around the double yellow which quickly turned into short shoulder, knee, face slide. To add insult to injury just as I was stopping the bike smacked into me.

All in all I was actually surprised how well the bike held up. One of my handguards is ground down halfway thru the metal, my kickstand, rear axle bolt and chain guide also got ground down a bit. I picked it up, told the 5 cyclists that got to see the magic show that I was OK, helped the cyclist pull himself out of the snow bank that he was lucky enough have slow his roll and went up the hill to nurse my wounds. by the time I got to the top I realized I had messed up my shoulder pretty good and had some road rash on my knees even thou the pants did thier job and didn't tear. coulda been worse.

be careful out there

Glad to hear you and the bike made it through with no major injuries.

You the guy on the converted bike? Yellow & Black? I was in the group of 7 guys (I had the yellow SM).

You the guy on the converted bike? Yellow & Black? I was in the group of 7 guys (I had the yellow SM).

That would be me. You'll have to let me know next time you guys head up and play. I woulda stopped to chat but the wiff had sent me out to pick up some eggs for the hunt and I had to be back by 11:30.

Definitely. Check out CoSportbikeClub.org or even better 5280dualsport.com. Same screen name there.

I think my pro-taper cr hi-bend se left bar might have bent in a bit...but I can't really tell since it doesn't appear tweaked...it just doesn't "feel" right but it could be just because the shoulder on that side is tweaked. I dunno. I guess I'll have to rip everything off the bars and set it on the bench to be able to tell for sure...or just get used to it

You might want to check and see if the forks got slightly twisted in the fall. Slight twists can make it feel like the bars are bent.

I have index marks I put on the fork legs and clamps when I first picked up the bike and they are still lined up. It's an old habit that I do to all my bikes when I first pick them up since I have zero faith in my ability to eyeball the straightness of the forks

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