new camchain, drz doens'r rip ass before need help

I just changed my old old camchain with a brandnew one from the dealer.

Old camchain was 5mm longer then the brand new one.

Now my drz doesn't rip as before,... is this normal?

Did the old camchain wich was a little longer affected the opening times of the valves?

Changing the camchain in my garage for a newbie was a hassle :thumbsup:

But I learned alot of course.

are you sure your cam timing is correct?

the bike should perform same as prior chain replacement.

Yes, timing is ok.

Changed the shims a couple of times, so i think I may say that the timing is ok. on top dead center knobles points away from eachoter and the arrows are paralell with the head of the cilinder.

My brother (experienced rider, cause I'm a noobie) told me a loss of 10% power.

How many miles on your old cam chain?

Sounds a bit odd that you've lost power, maybe double check the valve clearences that you have changed shims on as this is most likely to cause the power loss if incorrect.

cam timing is off.

Tnx for the input,

Just home from work, i'll start wrenching, I hope it's the cam timing.

Will keep you informed!!!


Take a picture and post it up before you button it up. Then we can help you verify your timing.

My timing


Top dead


dropped a wrenchtool so had to tear down my drz


Why is the oil white???


Clearance on the valves according to the specs.

This is ok, 10 - 20 for entrance en between 20 -30 exhaust

I do have a compression tester but it doesnt fit into the sparkplughole.

So no compression testing done :thumbsup:

Tnx for the input

Almost forgot,

Some other toys :lol:


White oil indicates water intrusion.

White oil indicates water intrusion.

Tnx, I had that in mind but thanks alot for the confirmation.

Time for new gasgets.

Have you done the lock tite fixes? Might as well since it's apart.

Have you done the lock tite fixes? Might as well since it's apart.

Yeps, did that when I joined this forum.

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