Gear Ratio matching

I am trying to compare my 09 rm-z250 to my friends 09 kx250f. I searched google and haven't been able to find gear ratios for 1st-5th gear or the primary reduction ratio for the rm-z. Can anyone help me out with this info? Also, if each bike had the same final drive ratio would they be comparable?

09 kx250f:

Primary Reduction Ratio:3.350 (67/20)

Gear Ratio:

1st:2.142 (30/14)

2nd:1.769 (23/13)

3rd:1.444 (26/18)

4th:1.200 (24/20)

5th:1.045 (23/22)

Final Reduction Ratio:3.692 (48/13)

09 rm-z250:

Primary Reduction Ratio:

Gear Ratio:






Final Reduction Ratio:4 (48/12)

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