my new 07 wr450f -

Hey fellow WR riders.

I just picked up a slightly used 07 wr450F, it already has all the free mods done, IMS tank, yz exhaust and Header, hand guards, etc,etc.

However it is not plated yet

I live in Arizona and need to be plated to connect all my trail rides.

I have reviewd many many posts regarding dual sport kits but am hoping to get an update.

From what I can tell there are 4 premade kits out there :

Baja Designs - very $$$'

Trick Dual Sport - also $$$, I like the accesory plug for GPS connection

Dual Sport America - Better price ...anyone buy one of these ? Includes Key switch

Rocky Mountain offers a "Tusk" kit which seems very generic -only $159.00

Many post recomend building my own kit...but I dont know how ??

I'm leaning towards the Baja Designs just cause I'm familiar with it.

Anyone know where there's a post including instructions on building my own kit ?

Thanks...WR Newbie ( Been riding BRP's forever)

I just put a ryco barley legal kit on my wrf 450 and it was really easy. Its cheaper than the baja and trick dual sport kits and there are no stator mods to do. I highly recommend the kit. You can buy on

I just put a Trick Dual Sport kit on my WR 450F and it was easy. Looks great, works great, I highly recommend it. Under NO circumstances should you buy a kit from Dualsport America. The man is a thief. Sold me a piece of crap kit for $345. I returned it, and he refuses to refund my money. Claims he never got it back. I have tracking info. There are lots of threads on here about what a jerk the guy is. Do not buy from him. Dale at Trick Dual Sport was helpful, and friendly. I had a question for him during the install. He called me back at 7:00 P.M. after business hours and answered my question. He has high quality components and good service after the sale. Can't go wrong.

I have a baja designs on mine. It makes it look like a blue XR200!:thumbsup:

I'm going to try something different and use the stock headlight.

second that on the ryco barely legal set up on the wr450 here.

i took extra time with making extensions on some of the blinker wires so they weren't tight under or behind the headlight. just my anal-ness with it. i also located the horn to one of the screws where the AIS was mounted before because the fork mount was an issue with the headlight plastic. radio shack has all the wire and connectors you need to make it custom ... added 5 bucks to my install...should have taken pix...sorry.

OldtimerTC - Please READ this, DO NOT call Dual Sport America, If you want the truth email me at and I will forward emails from Lee and let you listen to recorded phone conversations, you won't believe how bad of a person this guy is. He is stealing and commiting fruad from a lot of people. *******TRICK DUAL SPORT IS THE BEST, Dale is a great guy! rust me, a few extra bucks is well worth using Trick Dual Sport, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, EXCEPT DUAL SPORT AMERICA, THEY CHARGE YOU AND SHIP NOTHING...........I just finished my bike using the stock headlight with Dales kit (Trick Dual Sport). Dale answered the phone everytime except once and called me back within 40 mins that time. We did some customizing to what I wanted and Dale spent several hours with me on the phone. His kit is very high quality with a lot of protection if you get a short in any of the wiring, indicator for your bikes charging system and more. I can send some pics too. My bike looks completely off road but I have 4 smoked LED turns signals, front and rear brake light using a new insert in the stock position, horn, high and low beam.

****DUAL SPORT AMERICA ARE CROOKS (from my personal experience and many others on the web) maybe a trip to CA is in the future, it is only a few states away ****

450tex, please email me at, let's roll!!!! Lee's behavior is going to stop, I have $ to help stop him!!!!

i just put on the tusk kit, i think it is awesome! it uses the same specs as baja designs wiring, brakets, and style of plate older and oval flush mount lights, but its WAY cheaper. U do have to hide the wires a little bit cuz the kit is very generic and has long wires, (i shortened them). Also doesn't come with a key switch, but thats pretty easy to wire in... and the price is good.


hey oldtimer, congrats on the new ride. I haven't met you yet but Ive been on few rides with the adv inmates. I went with the almost az legal setup. Mirror,horn, license plate light. cheap horn from rockymountain or similar and an old kill switch for a button. A good rides gonna knock all that stuff off anyway.:thumbsup:

edit: forgot , I also wired in brake light switch to factory light.

I put together my own kit using the part from RMATV. bought the nissan brake light switch, horn, kill switch to run horn, folding mirror, and rear tail light license plate holder. Everything went together fine, but I had to sent the tail light back for a new once becuase mine didn't work:( I should get the new one soon and then be ready to go. I think all that only cost about $60. You do have to clip a few connectors and make your big deal with a few simple tools.

Thanks to all for the great info as always !!

Dual Sport America has been officially banned by me and all other inmates here in AZ !

Initial ride report here :

I went with the "Home Made" kit as Arizona MVD no longer does Vehchle inspections.

$10.00 rear view mirror, and brake light switch...Total cost at AZ MVD was $33.00 to transfer title, get street legal plate and OHV sticker. Love AZ :-) I still need to buy a "plate holder to bolt on to the fender.

Hey Goner and Kawi380...shoot me PM on ADV rider and we can go ride ?

i have a 2005 wr450f who knows what is the right engine temp. and what is to hot

When it gets too hot it will boil over. That will protect the engine until you run out of AF. If it is boiling over constantly, you probably have an issue with the pump. The engine temp will vary with airflow through the radiators.

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