Spare AP diaphram laying around??

I need to replace my AP diaphram on my 2003 E model and I have a big family ride scheduled for Sat AM. Anybody have a diaphram that would work that I could buy from you? I'd need it in my hands by Fri PM (live near Pulaski NY). I have paypal. Sorry for the weeny-ish post....I'm trying anything at this point.:thumbsup:

I should point out that none of the dealers I contacted could get me one before next week unless I paid a $50 overnight fee (on a $20 part).

isnt the same diaphragm used on other bikes FCRs, assuming it is did you try yamaha, kawa and honda dealers ?

i probably have a new one in stock.

isnt the same diaphragm used on other bikes FCRs, assuming it is did you try yamaha, kawa and honda dealers ?

I tried a Kawi dealer just because of the DRZ/KLX identity crisis but it seems to be too odd of a part to stock....there aren't many bikes in upstate NY. I'm not confident enough on the others to spend the dough hoping it will work.

Take the old one with you and head on over to the other dealers. What have you got to loose? Barring that get a new one from Eddie and pay for overnighting it. Beats letting the weekend ride be a bust.

I stopped in at several dealers today with no luck matching it up....nobody even had a diaphram in stock. Ended up calling OTD and ordering a new one from them and overnighting it to me. It cost an extra ~$20 for the overnighting vs. the cost from local dealers who could only get it next week (or an additional $50 overnighting). Thanks Eddie!

There ya go. Well worth the extra $20 to save the weekend ride. Wasn't it?

Haha, I'll have to get back to you after I get it back together and it runs!

i just now saw your pm.

glad you got it figured out.

Eddie, no sweat. I had yet to find anyone with the thing in stock....thanks for telling me about it! Ordered at 6pm (eastern) Wed and it arrived before the wife got home at 4:30pm Th.

I put it back together last night and seemed to notice a difference, but it was hard to tell because I was just running around the yard and road. It gets up and goes, though, that's for sure!!

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