A New Thumpette in the Ranks!

Well, my 8 yr old daughter saved for a year and I helped her buy this bike! She is psyched! I dont even have a bike...she just decided she had to have one!:)


She has ridden it every day and I'm going to have to go buy some more gas asap!!! But only after she's got all her studying and homework and chores out of the way!


Big sister thinks its cool too, she's almost 11 and is starting saving now... So is Dad!:thumbsup:


I have never been around girls/women that like to ride! I am going to have to try and get the wife interested so we can make it a family event!!:lol:

I saw your post on the other thread. That is so awesome! And what a deal you got too!


She will have the time of her life and will make life long friends.

And yes you should get something playful for your wife. The kids will enjoy riding with her too.:jawdrop::ride:

omg that is so cool...she is my idol! took me until is was 36 to get on a street bike and 43 to get on a dirtbike. way to go sister! and she saved up half the money on her own...two thumbs up for mom and dad too....my parents made me do that when i was a kid and it really made you appreciate what you bought!

X2 on appreciating things. Hubby spent the day today working on an '05 CRF250X that was a grad present for his son. I looked at it yesterday and asked "how long has he been riding it with no coolant?" The radiator hose was sliced right above the water pump. Loose spokes, original air filter (appears to have never been cleaned, disintegrated when removed... he got a pre-oiled spare when he got the bike and it was still new in the bag), original oil filter (also had a spare when he got it) and spark plug. Oh, original tires too. The bike runs like crap, and looks like hell. Oh, I think he wants to sell it too... anyone looking for a bike? (yeah right!)

So I guess what I'm saying is, I sure hope that helping to pay for the bikes teaches them to respect and appreciate them. Don't hesitate to require they help with basic maintenance. Girls can use tools too... heck, I just did my own top end, have jetted a carb from scratch, and done all my own maintenance. Everything you teach them, even if they don't continue to ride, is something that can give them confidence in other areas, and teach them things that carry over to other things too.

Congrats on your new crop of riding buddies! Hope your wife gets the bug when she sees the girls heading off with dad to go ride! :thumbsup:

Sweet - and you should be very proud of her and the effort it took for her to save for her bike. :thumbsup:

We have our children care for & clean their dirt bikes, and even help repair them as needed. They actually like be involved that way. They each are responsible for keeping their gear organized and put away after each ride as well. They do very well and love to ride their cycles. It is a great family hobby and I like the skills each are learning from riding. I am sure we will hear of a report that your wife has joined the thumpettes soon!

"I am sure we will hear of a report that your wife has joined the thumpettes soon!"

She has touched on it...honestly, it will be a big step for her. She rode a 3 wheeler growing up, but hasn't been doing many outdoorsy things for quite a few years now. Maybe this will break the cycle! (Hopefully some "cycles" wont get broke!)

We have a pretty good routine setup already. Jess can get completely dressed by herself...which surprised me, the boots aren't the easiest thing! When we get done riding, she turns the gas off and puts all her gear on the shelf by the bike.

This is all part of why I think its a good idea to let her ride and have a bike. Learning about chains, oils, fuels, spark, tires, throttle and eventually clutches. How to read conditions as you come into them. Get the feel of cornering. This will ALL transfer to driving a car someday. I firmly believe I am a "superior" driver because I grew up on dirt bikes since I was 6 yrs old... (not sure who all I'm superior too...but must be at least a few folks out there)

Thanks all...

Great pics!

That is super that she saved her own money to buy the bike. I agree with what the others said and what you said. She will learn responsibility and other applicable life skills (including driving skills). Great for your daughter and great for you as her parents! Nice job!

So I am "trialing" my neighboors DRZ 400... Jessi and I got some ride time in!!


That is so awesome! My son just started riding, too, and it is nice to have the family doing something together. I know that all my children will remember doing this with their mom and dad for the rest of their lives and hopefully they will share the joy with their own children some day. Congrats to all of you and hope to see mom on there riding soon!

Very cool for her!! It is fun when the family rides. Both of my girls are naturals on dirt bikes. They will only ride the sand dunes (we live near Glamis!) they hate hard pack. I love seeing them ride (but it does scare me a little too).

Have fun!!!

Good for her! She will have so much fun and the look on her face in that first photo is priceless!

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