yz 125 lets go big time





and this is what caused all the damage


pin on the power valve systm let go and a ball bearing went into the gearbox with the pin and gears sh@t it everywhere :thumbsup: ita right old mess

the bike is a 2008 yz 125/144 my question is what year of cases will fit it if i wer to get a set from a brakers cos yamaha want crazy money

cheers mac

Holy ....

Holy ....
Wholly holey!

The case halves from 2005 to present (P/Ns 1C3-15111-01-00 & 1C3-15121-00-00) will fit your bike.


Now is your chance to build a big bore with a stroker crank!

she a beauty lol the only thing i will be building is overtime at work :lol:

going to see if we canget the case welded as the parts that fill the hole are a perfect fit , looks like it took out adout 3 or 4 gears too :thumbsup:

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