About to buy a 2008 YZ250F

Looking to pay 3 to 3500 for an 08 with very low hours to use as a weekend track bike. Does this sound like a decent deal?

I am a honda guy typically, so I know a lot about those bikes, not so much with Yammies.:thumbsup: Any issues you guys know of with this particular model? what are the best budget mods? Any info is greatly appreciated!!!

In general, $3,500 for an '08 YZ250F, raced or not, is a pretty good deal. That said, "It depends..."

What is "low hours" ?

Red, blue, green, yellow, or orange, it's possible to thrash a bike in a few hours, so unless you know the owner and trust him/her, plan to have enough $$ left over to take care of unexpected stuff like a top end, valves, carb work, and shift forks/clutch parts. If the previous owner didn't use a torque wrench, you kinda never know what you'll find stripped. Pretty common is the lower bolt hole threads in the engine case for the oil filter cover getting stripped; that and the oil drain plug hole threads.

Nothing stands out to me for an '08. Yamaha is notorious for not using enough grease (imo and others'), so plan to properly grease the pivot points right away. Also, the aluminum swingarm can wear beneath the chain guard. Take a look at that before you buy the bike.

Thanks! went and looked at it... I actually knew of a bike for sale! There were some really weird wear issues. The clutch plate was original but had no scratches... the frame had very minimal wear. The Engine cover next to the shifter was scraped up a bit from shifting. The chain guide was used but not bad. One of the screws on the brake fluid cover was completely stripped. The plastic was beat up, but was more beat up on the top of the fenders and not on the the bottom. Muffler was beat up but the header wasn't blue... Looks like the previous owner didn't know much about riding or maintenance, but didn't ride it much. I am passing on this one...

I gave $2600 for an 08 YZ250F last September. It came with tons of aftermarket parts, wheels, hubs, exhaust, etc. and was in very nice condition. I am very pleased with the condition of the bike other than some carb. issues we have yet to solve. The secret to getting a good deal on a bike is Patience and a lots of searching. I would not give more than $2800 for an 08 no matter what condition! You could buy a brand new 08 off the show room floor for $3999 out the door when dealers around here still had them. If you are willing to spend over $3000 you should be looking at 09.

ya man its a great deal i just bought an 09 for 3400

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