My new Baby!!

I like showin this 'lil girl off so I decided to make a thread :applause:

I can't bring myself to call her a pig. I know it might feel like it if she's on top of you all the time, but seriously, man up, take control! Taker her for a ride! She really does feel like an angel :crazy:

It's a little different relationship than the 250 though. You can't just put her where you want her so to speak, it's more of a show her where you want to go and then get there together sort of deal. I love it :thumbsup:

anyway, here she is :lol:


found her in colorado. Couldn't find a nice enough used one, but I saw this and got there as fast as I could :cheers:


It was love at first sight :):jawdrop:


thats after our first ride together :crazy: Only time it feels heavy is when your barley moving over big roots and logs.

This is my first mod: cr front fender. I didn't like the fatty lookin stocker. rear might get trimmed up too we'll see.


future mods are of course, the uncorking and re-jetting, some lock tight and anti-sieze, drain the whale snot, taller handlebars, bigger foot pegs (there like half the size of my 250's foot pegs), and that should get'r done :blah: maybe a big paddle for the sand. This forum is awsome I just found it about a week ago. enjoy!

Congrats, and welcome! That's one of the last ones, I'll bet. Mine's a 2000 (and she looks it), but I love to ride it.

You'll find a lot of nice people here who've done about everything imagineable with the R. It's a fantastic bike.

very nice, I'm jealous. How much did you pay? Where in Colorado did you pick up? Craigslist?

Sweet enjoy her .. Very nice looking bike

thanks for the compliments :thumbsup:

I picked her up from sun power sports, in Thorton. I saw it on ebay and couldn't belive it! I called um up and made the deposit as fast as I could! I paid 5k for it, which I feel really good about. the 450s I was looking at were all like 4700 used, which wold be a rip off, plus the 650r was really my heart's desire :lol: I feel pretty good :)

Ill say it again, it looks brilliant :thumbsup:

nice virgin. Can you get it plated?

not sure. my teacher (a crazy 650r enthusiast who races baja) says it is extremely difficult in Oregon. I can also get Washington residency though because my dad lives there, so that might be easier.

You found a leftover 05!---WOW---for $5000!---:thumbsup::lol:---nothing more needs sayin!!!.

I know I felt so lucky :thumbsup:


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