CRF 150 tank/seat/plastics on CR 85?

I have a CR 85 chasis that has been modified for a CRF 150F engine. I want to update the look to something newer. Does anybody know if the body from a CRF 150 R or F will work. I am willing to do some tweaking, but I don't want to make a massive project out of it. Thanks

F is a different bike, nothing will fit there.

The 150R front fender bolts right up and updates the bike look. Rest of the plastic I dont know about.

We put the 150R front fender on our 2007 CR85R and it looks really good. I don't think it's worth trying to cobble all the other components together for the cost involved. Spend your money on new graphics and a seat cover and it will look good and you'll be way ahead.

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