CRF 150 tank/seat/plastic on CR 85?

I have a CR 85 chasis that has been modified for a CRF 150F engine. I want to update the look to something newer. Does anybody know if the body from a CRF 150 R or F will work. I am willing to do some tweaking, but I don't want to make a massive project out of it. Thanks

It' ll work on the CR frame with some crafty mounts. Should give you mucho room for the F engine. I remember a issuse with the CR seat tho. Some thing about the mounts/lenght. I can double check it a few days. (my CR frame is at the power coater).

However, I don't have all the R parts (seat & shrouds) for a complete mock up on the CR... Just the tank. Probalby won't be of much help??

We need pic's of your conversion!

I'll try to get some pictures on here. I could definitely use some extra room for the engine. Right now the seat and tank have been raised up to clear it but I'm trying to come up with something that looks a little more original and new style. I just bought the bike this winter and I'm trying to build it more to my tastes. Thanks for you input.

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