My son wants one of these I dont no much about fourstroke motocross bikes but im wondring how reliable they someone told me the 150r is more reliable then the bigger bike and honda put alot of effort into making a reliable race bike for the younger kids i was wondering how many hour i can get before having to adjust valves or rebuild the engine.

I wouldn't say they're more reliable than a big bike. A 150R is just a scaled down 250F. So the maintenance schedule is as rigorous as a 250F would be.

I'd say as with any bike, if your son doesn't ride it hard, you won't have to maintain it as much, just regular oil changes and valve checks, etc. If your son rides it hard, it could potentially cost more than the 2-strokes to keep up on.

Everyone has their own ideas for a maintenance schedule.

Mine is to check the valves every 20 hrs or so. I change the oil and filter every 5 hrs-10hrs. And clean the air filter ever few rides.

I've heard of kids burning thru clutches in one practice or blowing the motor up ever other race. But my bike has over 100hrs on the stock piston and rings.

Mine has many hours on it as well. It is a 2007 with original piston and rings. What I do is keep the oil/filter changed, clean the air filter, sprocket/chain checks, spokes, and the list goes on. But, none of it takes long - none of it is hard.

It has been worth the maintenance because my bike is has been reliable and dependable that way. I do the same thing with my autos as my bike (think of it that way).


I have an 08 and bought it new in 08 and i never had to adjust the valves but about 5 months ago it spon a bearing so i rebuilt the engine

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