leaking everything!

I just picked up a used 2002 crf450r last fall and was only able to run it around in the front yard once or twice last fall before winter hit.(Minnesota) It seemed to run fine and start well but it has been leaking coolant and engine oil all winter.

Leak History:

Over the winter I noticed a few new drops of clean oil on the floor each day and a few drops of fresh coolant on the floor (coolant drips were a few inches away from the oil drips)

Last week I rode it around the yard for about 2 minutes and now it seems like the leak is worse (5 to 8" diameter puddle in 2 days) and the stuff hitting the floor now looks like pre-mixed (oil + antifreeze) I also smelled a bit of coolant in the exhaust the last time I started it. (I'm not running it again till I figure this out)

What the heck am I dealing with here? Any ideas how bad this could be or how deep I'll need to dig to fix it?

Thanks for any advice...I'm new to 4 strokes!

have you seen where the oil and coolant is coming from?

shouldnt be hard to find where the leaks are coming from. spray the bike with water to remove the heavy stuff, dirt, mud ,etc... then break clean to get rid of everything else (oils, etc..), and then maybe one more quick spray with water. the engine should be perfectly clean by now.

start it up for a few seconds and watch the engine while running and after its shut off to see if you can pin point exactly where all the leaks are coming from.

I imagine its just bad gaskets.. maybe the previous owner went into the top end and re-used the head + base gasket? either way it should be a fairly simple and cheap fix.

Thanks guys, I washed it and it looks like it's leaking at the front of the motor at the base and head gasket. I guess I'll be tearing things apart.

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