95 KX 125 Water pump seal...

I received my manual in the mail yesterday and was looking over changing out the water pump seal as my gear oil is milky. From what I have read, this is do to a blown water pump seal.

I am wondering if I should do this myself or take it to a shop and have them do it. The part that is intimidating would be where you have to press the bearing back in. I dont have these tools nor can I think of where to rent them. I am thinking O'riely's?

Has anyone done this before? Will I be able to press these back in by hand?

Also, the manual didnt say anything about sealant for the gaskets, I have always heard differences on whether to use gasket sealant or not....any thought?


You can just use a socket the same diameter as the outside of the bearing for a "driver" for smaller bearings. Just lightly tap it in place with a hammer.

I also generally use copper sealant on all gaskets (or grease if I am out of copper). I have never been a fan of installing gaskets dry.

Don't take it to a dealer, rebuilding the water pump is a very simple task.

Inspect the shaft very carefully for grooves and galling. If it isn't perfectly smooth, replace the shaft along with the seals or it will eat the new seals.

Like coop says, just lightly tap the bearing in with an identically sized socket. It goes in pretty easy.

Make sure that when you are re-installing the engine cover, you rotate the impeller so that the gear teeth mesh, or you'll break the water pump gear. Don't ask me how I know this...:thumbsup:

thanks for the insight guys, a socket is a great idea...after reading the manual, I dont think I have to take the bearings out to replace the seals. We shall see what it looks like soon enough. I think I will tackle this one on my own (no shop at $50 an hour)

I will let everyone know how it goes!!

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