Good Deals on Sidi Crossfire Boots?

Anyone know of some good deals on the Sidi Crossfire SR boots? Looking for a size 44 black


If you are an AMA member you get %10 off at .. So you save $50 on the boots. Not to mention you get bandit bucks from it too. Otherwise, i would probably get them on ebay.

Unfortunately their stuff is price protected, meaning its near impossible to get a deal. Some parts places will discount at the counter, but you've got to ask. If you find somewhere that discounts, post up, since I'd like a new pair of Crossfires, too!

Or eBay. I went to my local dealer and they were willing to give me a good price, might check yours out.


Stay the hell away from extreme supply!

I recently got the screw around from those peep's on a $700 order. Check their ebay feedback, you'll see others have as well.

Keep looking on craigs list, you might be surprized what you find. I just scored a "like new / never seen the dirt" set for only $200 (gave the guy an extra $30 for S/H to save me the drive). There were a brand new pair of white T/A's (size 11 / 45) for about $350, not a bad deal. I didn't ask, he might take less?

I live about 50 miles from Extremsupply. They gave my friend and I some great deals in person but we had to pay cash on the spot. I got my first set of Sidi crossfire SRS there. I even exchanged the Sidi's for another pair (due to a very minor blemish) without any issue. Bussiness's sometimes treat you much different while in person, S/T.

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