Outgrowing my 110

My son has out grown his DRz110 but he still likes the bike. It's very fast with mods but it just too little. I can't get him to try a bike with a clutch. Is there anything I can do (inexpensively) to make this bike taller? Wheels or suspension?

Or does anyone know of a taller simi-Automatic bike?

Thanks so much for any help.

You have a ton of options. You are only limited by your imagination and wallet. You can do anything from install longer damping rods in the forks with a longer rear shock (least expensive) all the way to new forks and a new, longer swingarm and shock. You can also install a tall seat and bars. Just search around this forum and the pitbike forum and you will get a ton of ideas.

not sure but I think there is some clutch you can get for the 110 that is like an optional usage thing. Use it if you want or shift like he always has. sorry, I don't even know what to search for.

You can get a clutch kit from hondatrailbikes.com. You have the option of keeping the auto clutch style of shifting along with the clutch, or making it a full manual. With the suspension it all depends on how much you're willing to spend.

For the front end you can pick up a set of KX60 forks and they will slide directly into the stock 110 clamps and increase the travel to roughly 7". The stock wheel works fine you just need a longer brake cable. This will bring the front up about 3" so to bring the rear up to match you really need a long travel swing-arm with an extended shock.

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