'03 yz125 possible topend?

So I was riding the other day doing a couple laps when all of a sudden my bike died out, (3/4 throttle, everything was OK on the ride so far, have noticed less spunky powerband lately) I figured it was the bad gas that had been sitting in my tank over the winter with sta-bil in it. Luckily I had an extra plug with me, but I put it in and it took forever to start, but then it seemed to be fine afterward. Then 10 mins. later my bike died on me again. :thumbsup:

This time a new plug won't do anything and sometimes it backfires after kicking it. I don't have a compression tester but can fairly easily press down the starter with my fingers.

I am assuming I'm going to need a new top end but anything you guys can think of?

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