Reputable Engine Rebuilds

O.K. guys - here's to elicitation of a list of reputable rebuild shops. 2 smokers have P.C. and the likes - so we need something comparable. Let's exclude dealers - no slander intent - just exclusion. We need input for the Eastern/Midwest/Central/Western U.S. regions.

Sad to say, I am between Cincy and Dayton, OH - and I have no idea of whom to go to in this area - I would expect to ship my motor off to the West coast.

.. so let's here it...



Thumper racing in Marshall Texas, all they work on or deal with is 4 strokes, they are real helpful and they are a small personable business. I have their catalog at work, I will post address and phone # tomorrow.


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I have been extremely pleased, other than the costs, with work done by Stroker Four Stroke Speed Equipment in Hesperia, California. The KLX 250/340 engine they built for me in '95 is still running strong. This engine was bored and stroked so this was a major job.

Replika Maschinen in Santa Cruz, California is another interesting high performance shop. I'm considering having them do some top end work on my 2000 426 in a few months. They offer head porting, dry film lubricant coating and a thermal barrier coating. Very interesting stuff. I haven't had any work done by them yet so I can't recommend them.

Falicon Cranks has an outstanding reputation for doing some excellent crankshaft work along with a cam shaft sprocket kit that allows the YZ cams to be degreed. Plus, they offer a connecting rod called "The Knife" that cuts down on the natural resistance that a typical "H" rod has as it rocks back and forth thru the crankcase oil. It's probably not worth the expense with a single cylinder 4-stroke but it's an example of what they offer. In my opinion, one of the greatest benefits we could give our YZ's would be an engine blueprinting and balancing. I say that by also adding that I didn't factor in the costs associated with such a task. I remember the benefits Suzuki realized last year when they balanced Albertyn's crankshaft. Vibration has a way of cancelling potential output of any engine.

OK, I'm done.. :)

I am going to have to go with Eric Gorr. He has a local shop that will assemble your engine after he is done working his magic. He will even send you a engine crate for your motor. Send it minus fluids and he will do the rest. Great prices, great workmanship, great guy.


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Yes, Eric Gorr is also a top notch engine builder/tuner. He spends a lot of time at the forum, I'm not sure how long he has also included thumpers in his work, but he is well known and respected 2-stroke guru. Hick is very pleased with his 444cc engine modification.

Thanks guys for the replies. I like the idea of have access to someone very reputable, yet independent. Eric Gorr is a perfect example.

As I expected, so far it's

Western states: 5

Eastern states: Big fat goose-egg.

keep listing....


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