Clutch is slipping, XRR


The clutch on my Xrr has started to slip when the engine is going 100%. Can I just add som washers to the screws and increase the spring-preassure? I hope you understand what I mean.

Yes, I know there is heavy duty springs, but I can't get them in time for my ride tomorrow.

If it's already slipping the plates/fibers are glazed, and stiffer springs most likely wont help

You could take the metal plates out and sand them to get rid of the glaze, but it will make the fibers wear out faster..

I've sanded plenty of plates and had clutches work like brand new, but when the clutch goes out again, you'll need to buy new fibers and plates instead of just fibers :thumbsup:

An extra plate does wonders...

I have this and a mix of OEM and HRC clutch springs for a not too hard clutch feel. No clutch probs on my 680 bike. :thumbsup:

I had same problem put heavy duty springs fixed it for a while,started to slipp again added extra steel plate -what a big difference no slip alot more bite cost $18.Overall clutch pack thickness was designed to small by honda

Thanks! Will buy new springs and an extra plate :thumbsup:

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