removing kickstand and mount on 07+ WR

anyone take off their kickstand and mount on a 07+ WR250?

If you want to save weight, pull the stand, but I'd leave the tab, it is barely an ounce and down low.

Yep, I did. Pick up the left footpeg mount and idler bolt from an '07 YZ. Your dealer can order it. Pretty cheap, perfect fit, and gets rid of that empty hole. :thumbsup:

Fwiw, the difference in weight between the two mounts is negligible.

If you just want to remove the kickstand, do what William1 said. If you use the YZ mount, the WR idler bolt is too long; it works fine but sticks out under the swingarm too far to look "right".

Thanks, that was what I was wondering but did not ask originally. Did you need to heat up the bolt to get it free?

Nope. Came right out with a plastic mallet.

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