Willing to loan me your VHS copy of the Hangtown & Mt Morris MX races?

I have missed ANOTHER televised MX race :D.

I have a dual deck VCR that copies tapes (and it IS legal, or was at least).

If you send me your tapes, not only would I be overwhelmed :) in a good way, I will absolutely reimburse ALL expenses, you WILL get your tapes back, AND I will make a non profit, free of charge, copy of a MX

instructional video that is worth it's weight in GOLD!! You will receive that as my personal THANKYOU for helping out your fellow TT'er. :D

You can PM me if you'd like.


Bro you have helped me and a millon other TT members at one time or another.

Ive got the Steel City 125 and 250 but no Hangtown.

Send me your address, and tape is on its way, no charge, no need to return.

(oh, and if you happen to run across any kinky acts somewhere on the tape, all I request is you incenerate) :)


I AM all set thanks :)(and thanks for the compliment too!!!! :D )

I am all set here guys!!! The Pit Man came through!!!

Thanks Pit Man!! :):D :D :D


I only have the Hangtown Classic where Ryan Hughes and Kevin Windham have fine rides.

I told NH-Kevin I had Mt. Morris on tape and I don't. :excuseme:Recorded over it

I apologize for that. :)

I love to watch these athletes ride at the best anyone could ever ride .

Maybe someone has Mt.Morris on tape.

Thank You ,Pit Man


Shoot me your address, and Ill send you my Mt Morris race.

Plus, if you act now, Ill throw in - The Facts of Life "Down Under" TV special as a bonus! :)

PM'ed you Darin!!!!! :D :D :D:):D

PM'd you right back Kevin :)

Since we dont get notified anymore via e-mail, looks like were gonna have to tell each other everytime we send a PM! :D

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