Showa spacers?? shorten your forks??

I am helping a friends with his forks on his 2009 kx250f, he bought it used and we belive that the forks are shorter than normal, and when we compare them to my crf 250 mine are about 2 inches taller, there is a spacer that they make for the damper? (i believe that is wht it is called) , i think that we see it but we cann not get it out nad we dont want to be playing with something that is supposed to be in there. Is there a way to get the spacer out? do we have to un thread anything? any answers we would like to hear!!

Thanks agian everyone we are stumped...:thumbsup:

Take it apart to make sure...

wouldn't hurt to inspect everything while you're in there.

A spacer to shorten the forks would be on the damping rod in the cartridge tube to prevent the rod from extending all the way. The spring seat should have been moved as well or the springs would have to be cut shorter.

okay, there is a lowerkit installed, does any one know how to get it out?? do we need any special tools?

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