NO SPARK after rebuild

I just finished my rebuild. All is back together and AGHHHH no spark. I am in need of a little direction on where to start looking.

The bike was a basket case but ran untill it was hydro-locked and bent the crank. I do have a used flywheel and stator from e-bay. It's been a 5 month project and I'm so Thanks

Well found the problem. Coil wire not attached. DOH. But now it won't start.

I YZ timed it when reassembling so I'll double check the timing is correct. Would I get even a putter if the timing was off a tooth? I am not even getting a cough.

On the old TT500s we used to advance the cam timing 1 tooth on purpose for more power, but it made it harder to start.

My guess it that it should run even if 1 tooth off. But you should be real close if the valves are not hitting the piston when you kick it over.

I would try a little shot of gas in the carb, but that's just me.:thumbsup:

So sometimes I wonder......

I pulled the timing cover off to double check the timing and :thumbsup: At some point the timing ended up completely backwards. At TDC my cams were facing in toward one another. Double:bonk:.

I will reinstall tomorrow and try again. Please tell me I didn't do any irrepairable damage... please. Would the piston hit the valves if the open at TDC?

180 off is still ok, It just won't run. It would lock up if the valves hit the piston. Trust me, I know.

Wait a second - did you know that the crank goes around twice for every time the cams go over? Your cam timing should still be ok. I don't know what triggers the spark - it could be out of time.

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New info

It was backwards with the timing marks lined up at TDC. I still really don't know how I screwed that up.

where we at ? did you get it to start ?



Not yet. Have to button up the cam caps and put the valve cover back on. Should be today it tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

OH YEAH!!!! Got her fired up today!!!:thumbsup: I only had time to rip around the block a few times and jump off the small wall in the yard but I LOVE IT:thumbsup:

I need to dial in the carb a bit but it is not too far off. Also need to put on my new sneakers, got a set of MX51s. I can't wait to get it out and really ride.

Thanks all of you for the helpful advise and guidence. I'm sure I'll need some more soon.

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