What to buy???? TE 450 or Exc 450 or Wr 450

I'm thinking of ether buying the Exc 450 or the TE 450 and even maybe Wr450. I would really like to know what think? I also may consider the exc 530 or the Te 510. I own a WR 250 R great bike love it run very good. Gearing is high. Not that great on rocks. It's more of a 40/60 bike. I ride 85/15 to 90/10 and there's a lot or rock here in Pa. Don't want to always be working on my new bike either. I weight 200 LB. I do whan something I can ride on the road sometimes. I don't do a lot of jumping, but I would like to start running some Endoro races. Could you please help.

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