regeristering a out of state bike with no title

ok so my friend just bought a used 2004 yz250f its a nice bike but no title personaly ill take a ktm over a yami but thats just me :thumbsup: so anyways as i was saying before i got myself sidetracked there, theres no title for the bike and it ended up in connecticut somehow from mass. the good news is that he did a vin check and the bike isnt stolen. so heres my question how does he go about regeristering it at my local dmv? he also called yami and asked for a cerificate (i think i spelled that right ) of origin and they said that the bike is too old and they cant help him.

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Your best bet, since these rules are different for every state is to go to a DMV or at least the DMV website and dig around until your questions are answered. I did this with n ATK that was gong to street register and all I needed was an affidavit form and a handful of hard to track down signatures(that last two previous owners).

In Minnesota there is no need for a title or MSO to get it trail registered to be used off road only. My CR250 has no documentation whatsoever other than my current DNR trail registration

If it registers as an ATV, depends on the state's definition you will need:

Used ATV:

Bill of Sale (form H-31) identifying the ATV – must include the buyer and seller information, purchase price, sales tax payment if applicable, and the year, make, body style, and vehicle identification number.

Application for Snowmobile or All-Terrain Vehicle Registration (B-77) completed by the new owner.

Identification will be required. Please see list of Acceptable Forms of Identification. The fee for registration is $20.00, $5.00 plate fee, $10.00 Clean Air Act Fee, plus 6% sales tax if applicable.

I would check with your local DMV and see what is required and what it will take to make it happen.

At least make sure that your buddy obtained a bill of sale at the least. This is the main reason that I don't buy bikes without titles.......too much of a headache.

haha yea he has at least the bill of sale and he has already been to the dmv once already to do the vin check but in Ct at least when u buy a bike used u need a title and a bill of sale in order to regerister it for off road

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