DNA wheel bearing rebuild kit??

I have read before that DNA wheels offers a rebuild kit. I read somewhere on here that they were about $27 So I called DNA to get the rebuild kit (bearings, dust covers, and crush tubes) I ordered it for my sons yz250 both front and rear. When the guy quoted me the price i about fell off the chair! $123.00 Then on top of that it was $20.00 to ship. So I have $143.00 in rebuilding these wheels. And the bearings aren't even sealed bearings. Maybe I'm wrong but that seems really high to me. The initial price of the wheels wasn't too bad but I think the rebuild kit was ridiculous. I did ask the guy about the price seeming high and he told me that the $123.00 was a discounted price???. Does anyone know where you can buy these cheaper maybe without going through DNA? Thanks Steve

You can take the existing bearings to a bearing supply house and replace then with good German, Japanese or US made bearings for a fraction of that cost. The Chinese bearings in DNA wheels are junk.

HELL...bring it to my house and I'll supply everything needed and do the labor for that price...

Why do you need crush tubes? the bearings and seals should be enough. You might want new spacers to go with the new seals.

P.M. me for prices

front and rear bearings are the same size in DNA rims.

I had one of these hubs apart , kind of a bitch the spacer in the middle was all bent in a new hub lucky I own a machine shop , because I had to make all new spacers to get the rims to fit right. ok on with the bearings I bought a set from VXB great company great deal , but I bought $13.00 dollar apiece bearings for a for one of my small lathes for the head stock , well i got what I paid for because the head stock casting is getting vary hot . now I have to go through the trouble of changing them out and buying better ones. so go no the sight find your bearings and go with the middle of the road ones that should be fine for what you want to do and will save you big time, good luck!

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