2000 rm250 inner clutch cover leaking

I have a 2000 rm250 that is leaking from the inner clutch cover. Do I have to remove the clutch basket to take off the cover or can I just remove the kickstarter and then slide the cover off?

You should be able to just remove the clutch cover. don't forget to drain the coolant 1st! How bad is the leak? did you try torqueing the bolts down to the proper 8ftlbs (96inlbs)?

Checked the bolts they are all tight. Leak is pretty bad. It is leaking high up on the back side of the inner clutch cover case so it doesn't leak unless I run it. Why do I need to drain coolant? I know the water pump is internal on these motors but I was looking at the service manual and it doesn't say anything about draining coolant. I was hoping I could just remove the kickstarter and brake lever allowing me to slide the inner cover off and replace the gasket. The output for the water pump is on the other side of motor. I bought the bike used and the leak needs to be fixed.

Oh I thought 99 was the last year of the internal pump. My bad. You should be good to go then.

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