05 yfz450 chain adjusment help


:ride:Hey guys. Just bought an 05 yfz 450 and i need to tighten the chain. Its lose and its hitting into the swingarm skidplate and makes a annoying and unnappealing clunking sound. I found the bolts on the sde of the swingarm. Loosened the 12 mm on both sides and then tried tightening the 10 mm bolt to push the axle back whch would obviously tighten the chain. My problem is that when i try to tighten the 10mm it wants to strip rather then move the axle back. So my question is if there is any other bolts need to loosen before i do this? or am i looking at bigger trouble with bad bearings in the swingarm somewhere? Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to tighten this chain up now cause its bothering me. Thanks!

there are 2 bolts that run left to right as you look at the swingarm you have to loosen them up i think they take a 17mm socket you can just barrly get it in threw the brake rotor but you can losenthem then adjust everything

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