wr kickstart

hi guys i hope someone can help ? does anyone out there know if a kickstart off another bike ie yzf or wr426/450 will fit onto my tired old 99 wr400,as im having a nightmare trying to find one.Im under the impression that there might be a change depending on the year but if it fits and works without smacking me in the knee every time i take a foot off the peg i'll be a happier man. i'd be gateful for any help or suggestions thanks..

not positive but I thought a YZ250 kicker fits

I kind of remember people installing them when the 400 first came out to get the motor to spin faster to start it

Not 100% on that

my buddy just got a wr400 and i broke the kicker first kick, so he is looking as well for one or one that will work off of a different model, how about a yz400 or wr426-450? his is a 98

According to the parts lists, the part number for the ‘boss’ (the knuckle part of the kick lever assy that slips on the kick shaft) is 3SP-15621-02-00.

This part has been used on the 1998-2002 YZ/WR400/426 and the 1989(!)-2001 YZ250s.

The shape of the lever itself may be different from year to year, but they all use the same boss, so they will all fit on the 1998-2002 YZ/WR400/426 kick shaft.

Plus, the lever itself from any of those models/years will fit on the boss from any of those models/years, allowing you a little freedom to swap parts around.


thanks man

many thanks guys, thats very helpful. i'll keep you posted and let you know how i got on.

with a little luck and a little good advice i'll be back out covered in bruises and the brown stuff in no time.

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