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thank you alpinestars!!

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so bought a brand new pair of tech 10s for £40 (with the help of a few vouchers thrown in i got for xmas over the years :) )

tried them out for the first time over the weekend, broken them in and all and were feeling great on the bike, plenty of grip, easy to change gears i.e. not catching on the gear selector.

came to a small jump with a dodgy landing, i ended up landing on a series of bumps which ended up shooting me across to the right side of the track where a huge post (designed to keep bulls in, might i add =\) had been planted firmly in the ground,

anyways, did my best to avoid it, got my handlebar past it and thought i missed it when BANG my foot and the footpeg caught it, it ended up catapaulting the bike sideways and me with it.

managed to ride back to the van and checked the damage,

NO damage whatsoever to the boots, and as for the x rays today my foot is fine after hitting it at a good 30mph

to top it all off the footpeg was completely bent. wheareas not a scratch on the boots

hats off to alpinestars for such great handywork on their products, boots in-tact, no broken foot the week before the first race of the season and got them for so cheap as well, still would gladly pay £300 for safety like that though! :thumbsup:

roll on the 2010 season! :lol:

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