XR200 Philippines 2009 model

Hi all. Living in Cavite province. Need info for getting some more power from my xr200. It runs sweet and is standard with less than 5000km. I hope to find someone in the phils who has modified their xr and who can tell me where to find jet size info, valve clearance info, suitable exhaust systems locally available, front fork improvements and uprated braking advice.

I understand the engines are shipped from Japan (along with wheel rims and gas tanks) and the rest of the build is filipino. It is an old style engine for sure but like i say it runs sweet enough.

I have considered removing the snorkel on top of the airbox.....will I need to move the throttle needle clips? As for valve timing, there is no info available here. In UK I could get a manual (factory or otherwise) for almost any used or new motorcycle......BUT here, it seems the information is STRICTLY trade only.

So, is there anyone who can point me in the right direction? Thanks, in anticipation. Simon Templar

You can get manuals on eBay.

Thanks Chuck I will look into that tomorrow (its 0130 here), though I suspect that I wont find one for a 2009 xr200? It is a filipino machine. I have seen the advice here and most of it is great, however I have no idea what model year my bike equates to in the western world. Do you know?

If it is the Japenese XR200 motor it is based on the SL125 which was used to create the XR185. A lot of parts with XR185 product codes survived thru all of the North American XR200 engines.

Yes chuck, the motor along with the wheel rims and gas tank are from Japan). The rest is made here in philippines. I found out today the standard main jet is a 105. And I tried to fit a race air filter today but even the smallest one wont fit. There is a longer inlet manifold so the carb is further back and clears the top of the starter motor, and the carb mouth is quater of an inch from the monoshock at the back, and an inch clear of the frame the other side. I gonna have to really think how to solve this. Thanks for your help tho dude its much appreciated.

im looking for info also i have a 2007 xr200r i bought in iloilo.i live in Canada and vacation in the philippines 5 weeks every year.i did the intake mod and noticed an improvment.would like to know what other things can be done to the brute lol.Subscribeing.

Unfortunately we only have access to data on US models. Your post indicates that your 200 has electric start, which none of the North American models had. The engine has a serial number, located just aft of the oil drain; the first four digits are the model code. Post that and maybe someone can tell us where else that engine model is sold.

I use a 82 Honda service manual for my 90 XR200, although some part numbers are different the service stuff is the same.

Although the 200 is no longer sold in the US there are still a few suppliers of hop up parts; Al Bakers XRsOnly, Wiseco, Megacycle, and Powroll. Powroll still sells complete dyno proven kits.

thanks Chuck.I dont wantt to hijack but here are my numbers off my bike engine#KCN05E006029 and chassis#KCN05006029 hope this helps.Mine has electric start also.that is sweet lol.

It seems that your VIN and engine serial don't follow the conventions used in NA, I suspect that CN05 is the model code, but it is not in my DB of model codes.

Thanks for the reply.i will keep checking around.Maybe these things will be figured out one day.Im afraid to buy upgrade parts incase they doont fit.

HI guys, I know that this thread is kind outdated. Anyways, I need your help regarding brake and clutch fitment for xr200 Philippine model.  I'm trying to buy an aftermarket  brake and clutch lever and I don't want to replace the perch. Will the xr230 fit my xr200? Thank you in advance.

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