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09 crf450r forks and shock a little stiff.

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Hey, I picked up a 09 crf450r around the new years, and I had the forks and shock revalved by a local racetech dealer, with all of the goldvalves and rebound seperator nut.

Overall I like the suspension but I think it could be a little better. Both the shock and forks are a little stiff in the very beginning of the stroke. Some smaller bumps send jolts through the handlebars. The suspension works good when I'm pushing as hard as I can, but even then it doesn't bottom.

I initially talked to will at Enzo on the phone about their subtanks because I have read they soften up the initial stroke at low speeds but still work well when pushing. Will told me that they don't put subtanks on the 09 crf450 because of the steering damper.

What can I do to solve this? Take a little oil out of the forks? What about the shock? I have just begun to get into suspension so some of these question might be dumb, I'm just looking for advice. Anyone have any suggestions then please chime in.

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If you want to know what really needs to be done with that bike (and the 2010 CRF's), go to www.mx-tech.com and click on the "Huck Valve Article".

BTW, the "tuner" went the exact opposite direction that he should have with your springs. At your weight, you need to go up a rate on the fork and keep the stock shock spring.

I encourage you to read the article. It'll give you a lot of good info on your bike.

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