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BMW G450X electrical issue

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I recently got a G450X that seems to have an intermittent electrical issue. It's still under warranty but it will be a couple of weeks before my local dealer can get it looked at, wondered if anyone had come across anything like this:

When it starts it's fine, but in the last couple of days that's not very often.

The fault seems to be that the ignition won't come on - either from the start button or using the highbeam/flasher button combo - and the starter motor won't turn.

often I can get it going by wiggling at the starter relay, but what I don't know is if the starter relay being bad would stop the ignition coming on.

Could anyone with a G450X be kind enough to unplug the 4-pin connector on the left of the bike visible just above the radiator that goes to the relay and let me know if the ignition still comes on?

I've a replacement starter relay on order but it's got to come from Germany so will be a few days. Obviously I can get the bike taken to the local dealer but as they've only ever seen one other G450X so I suspect the more info I can give them the quicker the fix will be if it's not the relay. I've seen the other posts about the 4-pin connector from the starter switch but that connector seems fine (though I'll check again). Other thoughts are either something amiss in the harness or possibly a problem with the diode block.

Any thoughts/help gratefully received!

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I had an intermittent starting problem and it turned out to be the kill switch.

The bike would turn over ok, but wouldn't start. If you gave the kill switch a couple of flicks, it would start no problem. Once the kill switch had been used, the bike would also cut out while riding sometimes. If I stalled the bike instead of touching the kill switch, I never had any starting or cutting out issues.

I pulled the start\kill switch off the bike and tested with a multimeter and found the kill switch to be intermittent using the meter as well.

I had the start\kill switch replaced under warranty and haven't had the problem since.

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