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97 350se heading out of country. . .

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Hello everyone, I would like to thank you all for the great information on this site!!

I will be taking my dr350se with me to Belize to be my commuter bike back and forth to work and also exploring! The road conditions are not horrible as you might imagine, mostly rough asphalt and some dirt, mostly clay. Here are some of my questions as I have read and come up with. . .

1. How common is the whole gas boiling thing? I read Yanni (sp?) post about everyone on his latest ride boiling gas. The temps in Belize will be on the upper end mostly in the 90's so how much of a concern will this be with an air cooled bike?

2. It currently has knobby tires on the back, but it came with a MT21 and uncertain how the MT will hold up on rough asphalt. (I know better than the knobby. . .) Any suggestions as to a good tire that could handle the abrasion plus be good to get into the dirt some? (I'd say about 70/30 road/dirt)

3. What would you consider reasonable protection? Everything I hear is you have to have MX boots, but I'm not going to be doing tight woods/ knarly stuff. I've never really rode a bike off road, grew up with ATVs. I usually wear a high quality hiking boot when I'm on the road. (best I have at the moment.) I'd consider a MX boot, but heat, ability to work in it through the day, etc. are a concern.

I've researched a bunch on tires and even boots, i get hung up as most people are doing different types of riding than I'm planning so not sure how to compare folks who focus on tight woods, or are on 650's and much bigger/powerful bikes. I know size does matter!

Thanks for any input and I'm looking forward to getting into the woods a bit more before heading south!!!


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I have two DR's. a '90 250 and a '91 350. Both have plastic over-sized tanks and I've never had any issues with gas boiling.

I'm a big fan of Kenda K270 tires. The are very aggressive for a 50/50 tire when new. I do run a MT21 on the front but I do quite a bit of off road riding and and I don't run fast on the street so that's why prefer the MT21 on the front.

I run them down until there's about 40% tread left on them then I replace them.Theyre about $55-$60. The IRC GP1 is the same tire as the Kenda. I've run both and they're great tires.


As far as boots go, I have been wearing Thor 50/50 boots for a couple of years now.

They're perfect for my riding style which is about 50/50. I only ride on the pavement to get to the trails. Worth the $100 (eBay) IMO

* Light weight injection molded outsole with aggressive lug pattern

* Reinforced medial area with padding for comfort against the frame

* Contoured gaitor for increased mobility and comfort

* Adjustable positive-lock aluminum buckles

* Integrated toe cap/shift protector.



Good luck! ­čĹŹ

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Thanks for the info! I"ve been looking at the 50/50 as I think it fits what I'm wanting to do.

Good to hear about the gas boiling, I"ve never heard of that. I"ve run AVT's very hard in very hot weather and never had any issues so that was a new one to me.

I'm going to have to look into a larger tank, great gas mileage, but very small tank!

Thanks again and anyone else have thoughts would love to hear them!


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