Enviornmental Pressure


It's a combination of both. Here in California, I live in nor-cal, we have alot of people living here with new ones arriving every day!!! That's fine, it's a free country, but with density come rules. People, generally speaking, don't like to be told what to do! I like the high-tech money but yearn for a simpler way of life!


Jetguy, what are the riding conditions like up your way? It has been many years since i have been to Canada. Seems like there would be some awsome riding areas there.

Hi Everyone, I live in Calgary, Alberta and was just reading the string on support President Bush. I noticed that some guys here really feel threatened by the enviornmental lobby. Here in Calgary their is no such pressure. Is it that much of a reality in SoCal and other highly regulated places? Are your neighbours giving you the evil eye on Sunday morning because you ROOST!!? Or is it just ever smaller places to ride?

The problem in the U.S. is the same as every dominant civilization before us. When a country becomes so wealthy that simple needs such as food, clothing and shelter are no longer a problem, then people start spending energy and money worying about things that in the grand list of priorities are at the bottom, like saving the wilderness and welcoming homosexuals into society. This lack of focus on what's truly important will eventually be the downfall of our great nation, as it has been with every other great civilization on earth. People will rationalize their desires to save the planet by telling themselves that they are preserving the world for their children, but what they are really doing is dooming future generations to starvation and domination by a people whose priorities are oriented toward survival (China?). For those who thing this is a far fetched view of the U.S., I'd recommend you visit a few other locations on the planet. You'll soon see that what the U.S. has to offer is second to none, and not worth losing over a few trees or spotted owls.

Sorry for the rant, but I just spent some time in the Balkans. The people there are currently not too concerned with the greenhouse effect. They spend their time worrying about things like where to live and having their legs blown off when they walk through the woods.

Thats ok Brad. We have all been doing a lot of ranting lately. Its good for the soul. :)

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