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kx100 fail pics

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some of you remeber a few months ago the bottom end went out on the 100. now that i got it apart it was obvious. fat ass friend, in the sand not shifting on a very tired motor (not his fault), lean jetting for the conditions. big end got really hot, wiped the bearings flat, some of the needle retainer got in the top end, stuck the rings blah blah blah

can anyone identify the part manufacturers? looks like a cast piston

kdxgarage the casting isnt as bad as i first thought, or maybe it was the shitty lighting, i have to take more pics tomorrow, i didnt get any good ones


lucky this didnt come apart










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Looks like you (or the PO) don't use distilled water in the coolant.

PO, not me. i changed it when i bought the bike, it was sludgy and nasty probably orginal. its still cleaning itself out, i think the rad is ruined from all the corrosion. i only use distilled with kawi concentrate, all my rads looks new inside

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Did you look on the inside/bottom of the piston?

yes there is a letter and a number or something. i couldnt imagine this being the original motor, but i did buy it from people who werent aware of bottom end maintenance, and they look like kawi parts. the bore looks to be electrofusion that is quite worn.

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